Miscella Refining

Process description

Miscella Refining is specially carried out for cottonseed to minimize the loss of neutral oil while separating soap stock from oil by conventional alkali refining process. Miscella is the mixture of oil and hexane leaving the solvent extraction plant. The process of neutralization of free fatty acids in presence of solvent is known as miscella refining. In this process miscella with adjusted concentration is transferred by pump through the filter and heated to conditioning temperature and phosphoric acid will be dosed. Acid conditioned oil is passed through High Shear Mixer where caustic is added. Caustic treated miscella is transferred to the reaction vessel for uniform mixing and saponification. The mixture is then heated to separation temperature and fed to a centrifugal separator. The treated oil is then sent back to the Solvent extraction plant for distillation. The soap separated is collected in the soap stock tank and then transferred to the Desolventizer Toaster or storage by soap stock pump.


Cottonseed oil

  • Lower refining loss.
  • Lighter coloured refined oil
  • Elimination of water washing
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