Extractor Accessories

Product description

Kumar offers a range of innovative, proprietary accessories to allow you to get the most out of your preparatory and solvent extraction solutions.

Wedge Wire

Kumar’s proprietary wedge wire screen design ensures better percolation and improved efficiency of extraction.

Miscella Hopper

Devoid of welded joints to ensure zero leakage issues and made with stainless steel.

Driving System

Fitted with an EN8 shaft and sprocket for reduced wear and tear and longevity.

Spray Distribution System

Spray nozzles are fitted in the extractor for uniform miscella distribution, mesh cleaning and to minimize choking the bottom of the extractor.

Level Control

Radar type non-contact level controller to maintain optimum material levels and ensure minimum hexane losses.


An alloy monorail is fitted in the KUMAR CFx extractor to maintain proper alignment, avoid breakdowns and ensure longevity.


Efficient cyclone-centrifugal separator to remove the final traces of fines from the full miscella.

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