Desolventizer Toaster

Product description

Kumar’s SOLVEx Desolventizer Toaster is a vapour tight stainless steel and carbon steel construction in several stages with a bottom-driven drive mechanism and pneumatic float and door system to control bed height in each stage for better desolventization and toasting.

The extracted meal is transferred to the Desolventizer toaster for removal of entrapped solvent. Desolventized material is conditioned by controlling and adjusting direct and indirect steam. Conditioned toasted meal is sent to meal cooling section for further processing.

Desolventization takes place with direct and indirect steam. A specially designed sparge tray adds open steam, a precisely designed duct for vapour space and sufficient vapour space in each compartment. Vapour temperature is controlled via the temperature transmitter on the vapour duct and steam control valve in the sparge steam line.

  • Pneumatic float and door assembly to control bed height and uniform discharge of the meal for efficient desolventization.
  • Specially designed scrappers with hardened face for minimal wear and tear.
  • Maximum heat utilization from vapour reduces steam consumption and ensures better solvent recovery.
  • Waste vapour washing system reduces fines and vapours.
  • Unique zero vent system for recirculation of vent vapours back to the extractor, ensuring no vapour is vented into the atmosphere.
  • Vapour travel area designed for maximum heat recovery.
  • Sparge steam tray distributes sparge steam uniformly for complete desolventization of the extracted meal and lower hexane losses.
  • Steam trays made with boiler quality plates for longevity.
  • Shell plates of first two compartments and dome plate are SS construction to minimize corrosion from Hexane vapours.
  • Designed per ASME section VIII Div 1, 2013 Edition.
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