CFx Extractor

Product description

Kumar’s CFx Extractor is of horizontal construction. It comprises an articulated band conveyor assembly which receives material from the feed hopper and transports it at a very slow predetermined speed from the feed to discharge end. The conveyor moves over rails suitably located within the extractor and rides on specially constructed sprockets at either end. It has an adjustable damper to regulate the height of the bed of material on the band conveyor.

A series of spray breakers ensure the perfect quantity of solvent spray on the moving bed, with liberal provision for light and sight glasses. The band conveyor assembly is designed to act as a filter bed for eliminating fines. The system comprises a wedge wire system with a drum shaft, brush, main drive and a mesh cleaning system.

  • Optimum oil recovery due to well-designed miscella circulation resulting in efficient solvent meal contact and a better percolation system.
  • Draining time is designed for low residual solvent percentage in the extracted meal, which reduces the hexane load in the Desolventiser Toaster, and lowers energy cost.
  • A high-pressure liquid cleaning system for the screen keeps the band conveyor clean internally and externally to avoid flooding due to choking of wedge wire screen
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