Kumar X' Press Series Oil Expeller Max 200

Product description

Kumar X' Press Series Oil Expeller Max 200 is currently the largest in the range with rigorous and high design standards to deliver world class performance and reliability with minimum investment. The series consists of steel cast double chamber expellers with horizontal and vertical feeders, inbuilt oil-n-foots conveyor with hard-faced parts and other value added options.

  • Independent gearbox system reduces noise level, consume less power and ensure zero contamination of mineral oil with edible oil.
  • Hard-faced wear parts and spare parts consist of a unique welding process, multi-layer hard facing, pure alloy on the final surface, high abrasion and corrosion resistant.
  • Automatic cone adjustment system for online variation of cake thickness.
  • Independent, inbuilt oil-N-foots adjustable conveyor for simpler cleaning and less labour intensive hygiene operations.
  • The telescopic hydraulic unit comes with a power pack and trolley for easy chamber opening and closing.
  • Barring motor system to empty the chamber in the event of a power failure.

Technical specifications

Technical drawing

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