Kumar New Oil-N-Oil Series Oil Expeller

Product description

Kumar New Oil-N-Oil Series Oil Expellers are designed to meet the need of small and mid-sized mechanical extraction plants. This series includes fabricated or steel single cast chamber Expellers with hard-faced or carbon steel hardened and tempered wear parts as well as other value-added options.

  • Low maintenance, sturdy construction and easy to install.
  • Independent gearbox system reduces noise level, consume less power and ensure zero contamination of mineral oil with edible oil.
  • The SS Seal ring is fitted between worm assembly parts to prevent seized parts and shaft damage.
  • Independent, in-built Oil-N-Foots adjustable conveyor for simpler cleaning and less labour intensive hygiene operations.
  • The frequency drive controls the speed adjustment of feeding screws. They are designed to obtain maximum feeding according to the raw material features.
  • A reducer motor drives the feeding screw. Feeding screw revolutions are controlled with frequency adjustment, ensuring maximum operational capacity of the press.

Technical specifications

Technical drawing

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