Product description

The Dox™ (Dry Oilseed Extruder) is designed to mechanically shear, cook, and dry the material being processed for improved oil recovery. The high-shear environment ruptures the oil-containing bodies within the oilseed and generates frictional heat. This heat deactivates harmful enzymes within the oilseed, flash-dries excess moisture, and cooks the proteins for a more efficient pressing.

Installing a Dox™ ahead of an Expeller doubles the capacity of the press, replaces expensive steam-heated cooking vessels, doubles the life of the pressing parts, and reduces meal oil residuals to under 6%. The oilseeds processed with this extruder are low oil content seed (less than 25% oil).

The extruder aids in breaking down material for the most efficient oil recovery possible. The heat treatment deactivates the trypsin inhibitor and urease enzymes which reduce the value of the meal if not properly destroyed. With the extrusion pre-treatment, the processors will be able to achieve lowest possible oil levels in your meal of 5-6%.


Processing of high oil content materials such as canola, sunflower, peanuts, safflower, copra, and many more

  • High shear discharge head
  • Optional drainage cage
  • V-Belt or gear drive
  • Manually or hydraulically operated choke
  • VFD driven feeder
  • Shear pins
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