Mechanical Extraction

Oil seeds are properly cleaned and destoned before processing. They are then subjected to size disintegration/flaking to achieve superior efficiency of the machine. Once disintegrated the seeds are cooked, so the oil cells are properly tempered to easily expel the oil. Cooked seeds are mechanically pressed in the expeller and oil is extracted with some amount of fines. This oil is then filtered via the vibro separator and filter press for clear oil output. The entire operation, control and supervision of the plant can be handled with minimal operating staff.

Suitable for all types of edible and non-edible oil seeds, Kumar’s expellers are of sturdy construction, low investment and easy to install. They offer maximum oil yield at low operating costs.


  • All expellers are supplied with high efficiency external gear box
  • Pressure worms are hard faced with special welding electrodes to achieve desired hardness
  • Easy and time saving main worm shaft removal without disturbing gear box assembly
  • Vertical split hinged main cages provided with cage lifting for safe, quick and effortless maintenance
  • Special designed locking type clamping bars & bolts to enable easy tightening & removal of the cage
  • Fully enclosed cage with built-in screw conveyor at base for conveying oil and foots that keeps the shop floor neat and clean
  • Steel cast hobbing cut helical gears, induction hardening completely assembled on a single piece hollow driving sleeve with heavy duty roller and taper roller bearing to acquire perfect alignment and friction free for energy saving
  • Multistage vertical stack cooker for proper conditioning of the seeds
  • All the bearings are lubricated with the help of a motorised pump to enhance bearing life

Kumar's Mechanical Extraction range

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