Ecopack Deodorizer

Product description

Kumar’s EcoPack Deodorizer is used to physically refine oils (palm, palm kernel, rice bran, etc) with an FFA content above 3%. Oil is fed to a column with specially designed structured packing. The oil flows down in a thin line along the packing while the counter flowing stripping steam efficiently strips off the FFA. Odoriferous substances are stripped off, and the oil attains a bland taste and low colour. EcoPack Deodorizer is specially designed to reduce formation of trans fats and deliver better performance than guaranteed.

  • Specially designed stripping column for higher FFA oil with a minimum pressure drop across the stripping column
  • Environment friendly chilled water vacuum system and inbuilt vacuum heat recovery heat exchanger
  • Improved sparging steam arrangement, with low steam consumption
  • Improved oil stability
  • Easy access for maintenance
Technical Drawing

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