Crown Diflow Deodorizer

Product description

The challenge of cross-contamination always accompanies multiple feeds processing. While it is impossible to avoid cross-contamination, it needs to be kept at a minimum. KMI’s Crown DiFlow Deodorizers are specially designed for multiple stock changes (up to 8) per day. This is a semi-continuous deodorizer where the oil is deaerated in a batch. The batch is dropped every 15-20 minutes for processing through the deodorizer.

Pre-heating by steam generated from pre-cooling tray by deodorized oil . Oil is then stripped with steam and agitated by steam lift pumps which increases the oil surface area under full vacuum therefore increasing the deodorization efficiency. Each tray acts as a single batch, minimizing cross-contamination. Heating steam is provided by high-pressure steam generated by a thermosyphon heater. FFAs and odoriferous substances are condensed in the scrubber.

  • Minimum product mixing.
  • Minimum steam requirements due to shallow layers and highest heat recovery by double thermosyphon loops.
  • Minimum steam consumption.
  • Additional heat recovery possible by heating water for boiled feed.
  • Plant sizes start from 30 TPD.
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