Evaluating edible oil refinery plant manufacturers

You’re looking for an equipment partner for your edible oil refinery. You’ve done your initial research – listed all the edible oil refinery plant manufacturers in India you could find, scoped their websites, maybe even asked for quotations from some of them. But you can’t just make a decision based on edible oil refinery plant cost, can you? Surely, there is more to the process of choosing a partner who will support you before, during, and after you install a refining plant?

You’re right. Selecting from the vast array of edible oil refinery plant manufacturers in the market is a difficult decision but a crucial one – and we’re here to help you through it. But first, why is it so important to get things right? 

Edible oil refining: The what, why, and how
Edible oil refining is an essential process in the production of safe, nutritious, and palatable edible oils. Through several steps like degumming, alkali neutralisation, bleaching, deodourisation, and more, refining is employed to enhance the quality of crude oil extracted from seeds, nuts, fruit, bran, and other plant-based oil-bearing materials. This is achieved by different physical and chemical processes to eliminate impurities like phospholipids, free fatty acids (FFAs), gums, waxes, intense flavours, unwanted pigments, odouriferous compounds, and other undesirable components. When the right steps are applied to crude oil – each oil is refined using a specialised set of steps most appropriate to it – what is achieved is a final product with enhanced flavour, smell, nutritional value, and stability against rancidity. Importantly, for oil refined for commercial sale, high-quality refining helps you meet not only consumer expectations but also regulatory requirements.

Essentially, you should rely on only the very best edible oil refinery plant manufacturers out there if you want the processes at your facility to be optimised for quality, food safety, and maximum yield.

Identifying the pros: How to select the best edible oil refinery plant manufacturers to partner with
Selecting the best edible oil refinery plant manufacturers in India is easier said than done. The process requires deep consideration of your requirements and their offerings, keeping in mind the changing dynamics of the oils and fats industry and the need for resilience and agility in the face of these changes.

In general, trustworthy edible oil refinery plant manufacturers have...

… a legacy and a reputation that precedes them. This is not to say that new, upcoming players in the market aren’t good at their work. But when edible oil refinery plant manufacturers have a decades-long legacy and an untainted reputation, you can be assured that they have the competence to weather difficult challenges and stand the test of time. You can be assured that they have delivered quality results time and time again.

… a global footprint. Again, local players also have a lot to offer, but when edible oil refinery plant manufacturers in India have successfully executed projects in different countries, you know that they have what it takes to weather different geographical and climatic landscapes, regulatory frameworks, and varied consumer preferences.

… adaptability and the ability to deliver tailored solutions. Never underestimate the power of a customer-focused business that prioritises a service culture. An equipment partner who can customise refinery plants easily to align with client requirements showcases a commitment to them. If they demonstrate flexibility in design and customisation to your specific needs – be it to handle different types of oils or varied production capacities – you know that they understand the nuances of edible oil manufacturing.

… the latest tech and a focus on innovation and R&D. Edible oil refinery plant manufacturers who incorporate state-of-the-art solutions in their projects are a force to be reckoned with. They consider more than just edible oil refinery plant cost to keep up with the latest advancements in the industry, which can enhance efficiency for their customers. You will be able to identify such manufacturers through their in-house R&D centres and projects using cutting-edge tech.

… expertise enhanced by experience. While deep process knowledge regarding degumming, neutralisation, dewaxing, bleaching, deodorising, and GE and 3-MCPD mitigation is a non-negotiable, vast experience in edible oil processing system design, installation, commission, service, and support is also incredibly useful. A track record of success across the edible oil processing life cycle helps you ensure that the refinery manufacturer you choose can be your one-stop shop for things design, manufacturing, installation, and troubleshooting. 

… systems that provide high earnings and low life cycle costs. While edible oil refinery plant cost is not the deciding factor when picking equipment, you most definitely need to have a plan to reach profitability in order to be a sustainable business in the long run. The best edible oil refinery plant manufacturers help you lower production costs and increase your earnings. This may sometimes require higher upfront costs, but it’s a good deal if, in the long term, it results in savings from lower maintenance and operational costs. Think low product loss, low consumption of utilities like electricity and water, eco-friendly practices which minimise the cost of waste management, and ease of equipment operation – when these practices are implemented while maintaining product quality, you have your path towards profitability.

Of course, there are certain parameters you can use to gauge input costs. For instance, for a soyabean oil refinery machine, you should list out and do the math for not only daily production capacity but also consumption of water, electricity, steam, diesel, clay, and your degumming agent to ensure that your operational costs do not exceed your earnings from a batch of refined oil.

 … intelligently designed equipment. Reliable, versatile, and easy-to-use systems are characterised by high-quality materials (stainless steel or other durable, hygienic, and corrosion-resistant materials), precision engineering, and compliance with industry and regulatory standards (such as ISO, CE and safety and environmental norms). While the specific product features you should look out for vary across machinery type and design, some design elements that make refinery equipment stand out are 

  • Safety features for each component of the plant
  • Large valves for speedy product circulation
  • Multiple pumps for precise functionality
  • Independent steam agitators at each phase
  • Completely sealed joints
  • Leak-proof vacuum systems
  • Strategic design for ease of access for maintenance and repair.

 … a promise for refined oil quality. Good quality refined edible oil has optimal aroma, taste, appearance, shelf stability, and nutritional value. While evaluating edible oil refinery plant manufacturers, you should test oil samples refined in their plants for these qualitative properties as well as for technical specifications like smoke point, density, refractive index, saponification value, unsaponifiable matter, and iodine value.

… reliable after-sales support. This includes not only after-sales technical support, but also maintenance services and spare parts availability. This assures you that your refinery plant will run smoothly, and if it doesn’t, you’ll have troubleshooting services ready to kick into action.

… a dedicated fan club! Ultimately, customer reviews are the most important part of this puzzle. Glowing reviews from businesses that have already worked with certain edible oil refinery plant manufacturers are good indicators of their competence and credibility. Before you finalise a manufacturing partner, evaluate their portfolio, go through their testimonials, read online reviews, and request references from them to inquire directly from their customers about the experience of working with them.

Evaluating these aspects thoroughly can help you to select edible oil refinery plant manufacturers in India who not only meet your expectations but exceed them.

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