Stack Cooker/Conditioner

Product description

A vapour tight carbon steel construction with the double bottom fabricated from boiler quality steel. It features an advanced design and longevity of moving parts that enables higher productivity with minimal maintenance.

Stack Cooker pre-conditions seed to the desired temperature and ruptures the oil cell by flushing off intrinsic moisture as steam. This decreases oil viscosity, making it easier to separate during extraction. Cooking is also used to coagulate protein in seeds and sterilize them by destroying enzyme activity and preventing bacteria or mould growth.

  • Maintains desired moisture content leading to fewer milling defects and lower power consumption in the flaker.
  • Control mechanism used to maintain seed levels and requisite residence time.
  • Steam trays optimize heat transfer during the cooking process and ensure zero tray leakages during the long run.
  • Trays manufactured from boiler quality special grade plates and hydraulically tested at 2.5x higher than operating pressure to ensure equipment longevity.
  • Sparge steam holes in rotating blade provided for efficient mixing and to avoid choking.
  • Sturdy shaft and hard-faced agitator blades for proper mixing and durability.
Technical Drawing

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